My Pledge

Long ago, I decided to live and work by my own standards, set in all cases higher than the standards set by the Rules of Professional Conduct. And so I pledge:

* To deal honestly with my clients. Just the plain unvarnished truth, even if it does not make me look good. We only work if we are honest with each other.

* To account for clients’ money to the penny and to support that accounting with receipts.

* To maintain the highest level of quality in my work. If I can’t give a case 100%, I won’t take it on. And if I do take on a case, I give it my all, regardless of size. If it is important to my client, it is important to me.

* To stay the course until the job is done. My longest contingent case, with no pay until the claim was liquidated, ran 14 years, and I have a couple of cases now that are in the running to last even longer.

* To work with presence of mind. To borrow from Calvin Coolidge, nothing I didn’t say ever got my clients in trouble.

* To live my talk and take responsibility for all that I do. If I say I will do something, then I do it. And I only do what I will be proud to talk about.

* To constantly educate myself, not only about the law, but about how business works and about how people operate. The great challenge of practicing law is figuring out how the unfamiliar works and then explaining it clearly to someone who does not have the faintest clue.

* To set fees that are fair for both of us. I can’t give my services away, and I have to pay the costs of doing business, but I don’t need to get rich on anybody’s back.

* To return all telephone messages within 24 hours and to keep my clients informed of every step in the process in timely fashion. For the most part, I now keep in touch with my clients by email so that you know what is happening as it happens and can keep a record of what we have said to each other.

David G. Harding
P.O. Box 405
Palatine, IL 60078-0405
Phone: (312) 782-3039
Fax: (312) 236-0678