Practice Areas

The short answer to the question “What kind of law do you practice?” is “I take care of my clients.” It is old-fashioned, but it is how I want to live and work.

I make myself available for clients I have served in the past. Some have been clients from almost the moment I became a lawyer.

A new client has to have an interesting case or a worthy cause. There is a “we against the world” quality to what I do, so I limit membership to people who trust me and who I trust.

I have no interest in hearing from anyone who wants to scam me or to use me to scam someone else. If you want a lawyer who plays for the team and if you can play for the team, we might just be a good fit.

I spend most of my time and effort on business and property lawsuits, estate planning, probate, business entities, landlord-tenant relations and the issues that challenge small businesses and condominium associations.

Several years ago, scheduling conflicts forced me to give up criminal defense. I will never handle divorce, custody or support cases. Real estate transactions now require “cultivating” brokers, and I don’t kid myself that I can split my loyalty without shortchanging someone.

I have handled family business disputes, audit defense, bankruptcy, licensing and pollution control, but I now prefer to refer out those cases.

David G. Harding
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